The more I delve into the world of PPC management and really get a feel for the medium as a way to advertise and bulid brand, the more I see the shifts in where effective ads come from. In the past, we focused on text only ads, then dynamic text ads that insert search terms into the ads.  From the dynamic text ads, the image ads for display, and the merchant ads for products bought directly online.  Finally, YouTube…  With the YouTube platform, advertisers have great low-cost options to connect with their fan base.  These options are letting people see the ad as a thumbnail and click on it, or view it in stream.  If you have ever watched a YouTube video that started with an ad, you have seen this in action.  You can even choose to only pay if people voluntarily watch your ad, that right no hostage views!  What a great platform to continue building a brand following. But I don’t want to make videos…  Yeah, I hear you.  What if people don’t like your videos?  Your video doesn’t have to be straight sales pitch.  Go with something useful that people will want to watch and think of it as more of an adwords click to your site where they can see the great products you offer.  Many of the videos that are popular are how-to videos.  How to build a better widget, how to wrestle an alligator, how to beat your friends at poker.  People are also using their mobile devices for both search and video watching.  Don’t forget the power of mobile when you are setting up your ad spend.  Keep an eye out for our upcoming YouTube Videos on how to win at adwords.  Oh Yeah!  Check out this highly informative infographic I made YouTube Infographic for Advertisers