So you are trying to find a free SEO consultation online, but what does that really involve?

There are 2 main options for SEO, or search engine optimization, when it comes to your website.  The first part is what you do on your website.  How you use links, what words you use where, what you put in the title or header; these all fall into on page SEO.  The second part of SEO is off page, or what outside of your website points to you as a resource.


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Just a few months of SEO will help sites rank for organic and paid searches

So, let’s say you want a free SEO consultation about your cookie baking website.   First we want to find out what you want from the website.  Is it to build readers for your recipes, sell products on the side of the pages, or sell your new cookbook?  Once we know what you are trying to achieve, we use that context for evaluating all of the basics.

On Page SEO

  • We start by checking how you name your pages and how you write that name in the code.
  • We check the code itself for WC3 compliance, you can do that for free here.
  • We also check what is written on the page and the words you use to describe it.
  • We then check for links to other parts of your site, or other sites.
  • If you have Google analytics, we use that to see how people currently use the site.

This gives us a good picture of what is already done to rank for search terms, the reason you want a free SEO Consultation, and what can be done.  In many cases a few adjustments can have a quick and large impact on both traffic and conversions.  Then we move to

Off Page SEO

  • We check to see how many links from other sources go to your site.
  • We check the links to determine what terms they focus on.
  • We check your competition to see how you compare.

So this is what happens when we do a free SEO consultation.  You get a report of our findings and if you want help gaining rankings, we are happy to help you create and implement a plan to get your site where you want to be.