According to Google, content is king.

Or content was king, and now brand is king.  Wait, unless you are building a brand, then you rely on content?  Confusing right?

Getting that coveted Search Engine Ranking is tough, unless you are the only one selling what it is you sell.   So the only one people can find is you, makes sense.  Let’s say you are one of 1000s of small swimwear designers though.  How do you help people find you?  You guessed it, content.  Wordpress has become a huge hit with small business owners because a blog is an easy way to continue to add content.  But that means that for every swimwear designer out there, many of them are blogging.

So what is it about content that Google likes?

Google likes new content because it lets the search engine know that this information is fresh!  Having details that are current is pretty important when you are looking for information online.  So if you have your choice of information about building a website from 2006 or 2014, you’re probably going to want the newest information.  The second thing content is supposed to do is show that you are an authoritative voice about your subject.  So if you write about swimwear trends for the upcoming season, you are probably at least providing a somewhat educated opinion.  This authority builds over time.  So the longer you write, more content you add the better.  If it is actually good content, this is not the place to just fluff for no reason.  The other thing Google probably wants from your content is that it provides information your readers are searching for.  Thin content with no relevance to keywords will drop fast.   Google looks at how long people spend on your site once they find it.

Now you’re thinking, I need content, NOW!   Great.  Go write it yourself, share your expertise with the world.  Or… we can handle that for you.  We write content with specific focus on SEO, that is the second part of content, targeting the search engines!