Content, content, content

According to Google, content is king.
Or content was king, and now brand is king.  Wait, unless you are building a brand, then you rely on content?  Confusing right?

Getting that coveted Search Engine Ranking is tough, unless you are the only one selling what it is you sell.   So the only one people can find […]

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On Page SEO

On Page SEO for beginners
Or at least non-experts.  If you already know the basics for on page SEO, great!  If you want some basics maybe a little  in depth coverage of a super boring topic if your not in the SEO industry, welcome.  So the 2 main types of SEO are on page, on your actual site, and off page SEO, anywhere else.  That is right, anywhere.  Think social media, guest blogs, and back-links from random Russian sites.  If you don’t know, don’t ask.

So, on page SEO is everything on your site.   […]

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What is a free SEO consultation anyways?

So you are trying to find a free SEO consultation online, but what does that really involve?

There are 2 main options for SEO, or search engine optimization, when it comes to your website.  The first part is what you do on your website.  How you use links, what words you use where, what you put […]

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How Do You SEO?

SEO is such a confusing topic.
I mean seriously, do any 2 blogs about SEO even agree on a point?  So there are some universal SEO ideas that most of us follow.  It is a combination of what is on your page and what is on other pages that helps the most.  On page SEO is […]

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