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At Blades Consulting we take the big picture business solutions approach.  Not every problem can be solved with the same method of attack.  By evaluating the overall business approach, your company is able to benefit from experts in multiple fields.  The easiest mistakes to make are often the smallest.  We start by consulting with your company to help you identify where your small business can grow the most.  When you are just starting out you can waste a lot of time and money heading in the wrong direction.  If you are currently struggling in one area, we’ll pair you with the expert you need.   By creating a customized solution for your small business we are able to help you save time and money by focusing on the right areas of your business.  We are small businesses helping other small businesses find their missing pieces.

We offer both organic and paid search management.  As a Google Certified partner, you know that we have proven our methods successful to Google itself!  We take your ads to the next level by daily monitoring and continued testing for best performance.  Our low monthly fees for managing ad campaigns help you keep more profit for your bottom line.

Getting customers is usually the hardest part for many small businesses.  We have over 20 years of sales and business experience.  Combining that with  our experts that create marketing through website optimization, website content writing, website design or redesign, managed advertising campaigns and areas related to internet solutions for small businesses.

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