Content writing for your business or blog

Does the pen feel too heavy?

Content writing one page at a time

Content writing can be a very time intensive task.  Do you want to have your website or blog filled with great original content to drive business to your site, but not have the time to do both that and run your business?  I hear it all the time from my clients, how do I do both?

Professional content writing takes the pressure off of you to write engaging content and still run your day to day operations.  Focus on what you do best, and let us focus on building content that will help you gain ranking and optimize your site.

We write 100% original content and optimize it for search engines so that you get the best results.  You just have to provide us with a little information over the phone or by email so we now what to focus on.

After the initial information is provided, we plan your content based around keyword research to help identify the best traffic building content to write for SEO.  This content is specific to your company’s needs and written just for you.  We then send you the content so that you can review what we have written and add your personal touch.  This helps you keep new content coming with little work on your end.  Additional services are available for offsite SEO writing to build links back to your site.

Once we know what you are trying to share on your site, we get started right away.  While it can be difficult to write content for contents sake, it can also be rewarding.  By using content writing from professionals, your page and site will stand out. Our prices start at only $50 per 500 word page! If you need something specific, call for a free estimate.

We also offer PPC campaigns, keyword optimization, and long term campaigns with social media.  We will write your tweets, facebook posts, or manage your pinterest page.  The cost will depend on the nature of the keyword and the competitiveness of the market you are targeting.  If you sign up for a new Google Adwords account, we will provide you $100 credit when you spend the first $25 on advertising.