Wordpress is really one of the most versatile platforms for new website owners.   We have used it on many different projects.

1.  Wordpress offers multiple free options for themes and functionality.  There are few platforms that you can use 100% free with such a variety of options.  You can have a wordpress.org site and use the default 2013 theme plus countless free plugins to create a unique site that accomplishes almost any goal.

2. Plugins!  Seriously, you add a plugin for anything from advanced security to pretty pictures in just a few minutes.  The paid plugins add anything you can think of to a site.

3. Themes- There are hundreds of themes that can range from single page to something you wouldn’t even recognize as a wordpress site.

4.  Scale- You can add pages and posts without limits.  It is a great platform to create content on and gain rankings.  You can also add functionality as you need it.

5. Community- You don’t have to look far to find resources and people who will help you build/customize/upgrade your WordPress Site.

Bonus: You can have any design you want built on the WordPress user friendly backend.